Quarterly updates

We have been publishing quarterly reports on the underlying economic nature of Bitcoin since the summer of 2018. You can think about Bitcoin’s value in terms of stocks or bonds, money market funds or bank accounts, or even real estate, but in the end the only economic comparison to what Bitcoin “is” can be found by observing monetary systems of real-time gross settlement.

For more check out our overview of the globe’s largest monetary assets, or how different nations define money, to how our methodologies work.

2024 Q1no.24TFTCPDF
2023 Q4no.23TFTCPDF
2023 Q3no.22TFTC
2023 Q2no.21TFTC, WBD
2023 Q1no.20WBD
2022 Q4no.19TFTC
2022 Q3no.18TFTC
2022 Q2no.17WBD
2022 Q1no.16TFTC
2021 Q4no.15TFTC
2021 Q3no.14CV, TFTC
2021 Q2no.13TFTC
2021 Q1no.12OTB, TFTC
2020 Q4no.11
2020 Q3no.10LaBitConf
2020 Q2no.9CV
2020 Q1no.8CV
2019 Q4no.7CV
2019 Q3no.6CV
2019 Q2no.5CV
2019 Q1no.4CV
2018 Q4no.3CV
2018 Q3no.2TFTC
2018 Q2no.1CV